The Cat’s Pajamas weren’t really that cool…

WOOOOOW.  So I started this book two years ago thinking that, “Hey this book is actually kind of short. I’ll be able to finish it really quickly.”  BOY WAS I WRONG.  Here we are two years later and I am only just starting my review….

So (excuse time), I got the book and I was so amped to read it (I really wasn’t…. but that has nothing to do with the book or the author and everything to do with what was going on in my life at the time).  I got distracted by a lot of drama and ended up setting it down somewhere and losing it.  A couple months later, I found it and tried picking it up again only to have more of life’s drama hit me and lose it again.  I was in the middle of a divorce process and moving process and I was looking at what I should get rid of and I found the book again.  I put it in the “ship” pile and off it went to another state.  Several months later (and a divorce and state move later), I found my boxes and started unpacking.  I eventually found the book again, only for it to end up in another box because I didn’t have a book shelf (so it got lost again). AT THIS POINT, I seriously debated just picking up a copy from the library and sitting down and finishing it in a night or two (I mean come on…).  EVENTUALLY, I got a book shelf and I was able to find the book again and pick it up again (only to lose it every time I set it down).

After all that, I was expecting this book to be amazing and wonderful and something that I would have been able to recommend to anyone saying “Oh my goodness, this book was amazing, it went through hell and back with me”, but in reality it was kind of a let down. This book follows three different story lines (though honestly it feels like more from the different points of view that aren’t always coming from the three/four main characters) and their day and how they all end up at the Cat’s Pajamas at 2.A.M.

Not only was the book on the confusing side, it wasn’t the ending I wanted it to have.  Maybe the ending was supposed to be a metaphor for something that I just didn’t understand, but it didn’t match the story that proceeded it. The ending for all three characters were all really sad and disappointing.  I was hoping that through all the misfortune they were going through, they would at least have some happy endings, but I was wrong.  It was a bit of a downer and I read to escape reality, not be forced to read about harsh reality.

I would give this book a two out of five, simply because it wasn’t for me.  I’m sure for someone else it would have been a great read, but for me it was a little too close to reality for my liking.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for the review