Sanguine Moon Review

I want to start off with saying thank you to Jennifer Foxcroft for the copy of Sanguine Moon in the beautiful packaging and giving me the opportunity to read and review this book on my time.  I really appreciate it and it was a fantastic read that I always recommend when anyone comes to me for book requests.

I received this book sometime back in March and I had started it almost right away and then put it down for a while because life happens.  I was in the middle of my divorce proceedings and in the process of getting rid of a lot of my possessions in the process of moving states.  It was quite the time for me and I really had a lot on my mind.  When I finally moved back to California, I had a lot going on as well.  I had to figure out who I was and find a way to be myself again.  I eventually picked it up again and at a perfect time.

Although I didn’t have quite the same experience as Connie, I did go through something very similar.  While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a break up, I did lose a very close friend who I have loved and cared about for many years.  I happened to get to the point where Connie was forced to make a powerful decision of self love and to stand by her morals as well as listening to her feelings.  The crushing ache of losing someone you care about because it isn’t something you believe in was too familiar.  The horrible reality of wanting contact that you know isn’t good for you was too familiar.  To say that this book hit home for all the right reasons is an understatement.

I love reading books with strong female characters who know their minds and hearts and won’t fall for the guy and put those wants and morals at risk.  Connie was one of the stronger women that I love reading about.  Not only did she end her relationship with Rocks because she would not stand for her morals being put on the side, she did not involve him in her personal life more than she thought was necessary, on top of telling him that she needed some time to heal.  Talk about a strong high schooler.  I struggle every day with not talking to my now-not-friend and I always want to tell my not-friend what’s going on with me and my life and it’s always a battle I fear I’m going to lose.  I’ve picked up this book on more than one occasion and thought that I need to be strong like Connie and that is what gets me through my day.

My one major complaint with this book is the ending.  A cliffhanger? Really? Why you gotta be like that??? I hate cliffhangers, literally, only because I want to be able to know how it ends.  You’d think by now I would have known not to start a series that I know doesn’t have an end, but I can’t help myself. This is one of those series that I will always love and recommend to anyone getting started in reading.

The Camazotz Trilogy is an amazing trilogy written by the amazing Indie author, Jennifer Foxcroft.  You should definitely pick up the first copy if you have never heard of it before and find out yourself exactly how great this series is.

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