Conditioner? Yes, No, Maybe? It’s just hair right?

You know those weird shower thoughts you have when you least expect it? For some reason, conditioner set off one of mine. I remember one of my most looked up to high school teachers talking to us about hair products one day before we got to our lecture. He mentioned he only had shampoo and soap because he didn’t believe conditioner actually did anything for your hair. “Why would I put shampoo in my hair to wash out all the oils and dirt just to put more oil, conditioner, in my hair. It’s pointless there’s no reason to put it in my hair at that point.” Like any impressionable teenager, I took these words to heart and stopped using conditioner in my hair. 

Why do we do that? Or is this just something that I do/did in my lifetime? Why is it that we take something that one person says and we don’t even bother to check the facts or even try things for ourselves to see if there true? I’ll give my teenage self some benefit of the doubt and claim that I was impressionable and he was one of my favorite teachers, but still. I didn’t even bother looking up what the benefits of conditioner are or even if there were any. I took his word as law and that was that. Sadly, I’ve noticed this is a fairly common thing in this day and age when it comes to any information or there. For example, I was talking to my much younger sister and she asked me about the elections and why I didn’t vote. I didn’t give her the bullshit answer of my vote doesn’t matter speech, but I did tell her that I did in fact support a specific candidate over others and that my candidate won my state. Then she told me something interesting. “I hate Trump” alright that’s fine. Why? “I don’t know. But everyone I know says he’s a racist” huh. Now whether or not he is isn’t the point of this. What I got from this was my sister heard something and instead of looking up information about it, she took that as the truth and started telling people she knew about it. 
Has my generation and the generations below mine really act like the stereotype that everyone believes we are? After having several conversations with different people I’m starting to think so. We aren’t all like this and to assume that we are all the same is sad. The only thing we can do, in my opinion, is learn from it. We as a whole must learn to not just go with whatever someone else tells you or some random article you read on Facebook, but to go out and support facts as true as we can or can find out. There’s always going to be someone else out there who will be PC, but it’s time to change the way of things and start experimenting with conditioner. 

For those of you interested, I started using conditioner again when I finally realised that conditioner kept my hair healthy and thick instead of brittle and dead. What are the odds? Trial and error and learning what works for me.