Do Not Disturb. No really. Trust me. You don’t want to do it.

In the lovely second installment of the Deanna Madden series comes DO NOT DISTURB and I was not disappointed.  For those of you who read the first one and weren’t sure what to expect with the second one, you get a closer look at Deanna’s life and all the secrets and lies that she tries to deal with  now that she’s had a taste of the outside world.

Following The Girl in 6E, Deanna tries to test her limits of control and her growing relationship with Jeremy.  Personally, I loved this one just as much as the first one and I loved how Deanna is still being tested on her control.  I figured that the idea of Deanna would not go further than that of the first book, but I was wrong.  I also figured that there wouldn’t be more sides to Deanna than that of a psychopathic bad ass, but there are actually more layers that are added to Deanna’s character in this book than there was in the first.

I saw a few reviews out there that complained about a slow start, and while I don’t share that particular opinion, I can see why they wold say that.  Compared to the first book, the second is lacking in the door busting start and focusing more on character development and setting up a plot line that is different from the first.  You get a closer look at Deanna’s life and how she was able to set herself up where she is and being able to do the things that she does and how she is able to survive in the conditions she does.

I think my only issue with this one was the way that she kept Jeremy at such an arms length with the lack of information that he actually got swept up in a way that could have been avoided.  Communication is everything when it comes to relationships and this one is going to be in for a really bumpy ride if it continues that way it’s going.  I would hate to see them apart considering how much I like Jeremy.  Hopefully things turn out for the better?

Would I recommend? Yes but only to those who don’t mind a little bit of raunchy mixed in with a bit of violence.  There’s also some issue with mild language and there are some rape mentions which could trigger some people. Other than that go for it.  I would recommend reading the first one though to see if you like this style of book before getting into this one.

Overall opinion. Loved it. Loved Deanna. Loved the story line.  Loved the characters and the differences between the first and the second.  Can’t wait to see more of Deanna in the next book 5/5