We Regret to Inform You: Stories Review

This book was really good.  I finished this in one sitting, mostly because it was so short.  This is a great read for someone who is looking for an easy read and wants to get back into reading.  This book is a compilation of short stories that range from families to cats to relationships with people. Each short story has its own title and one of my favorites was We Regret to Inform You.  It’s a letter to a random person and it had me laughing and reading it again.  This is definitely a book I would go out and buy. I loved all the stories in this book.  I don’t actually recommend it to everyone though.  There are a lot of stories that have or mention gays and for those of you who don’t like to read that type of story this isn’t the book for you. I have nothing against gays and I have nothing against straights, but in this day and age, there are still people who do not like that type of story or don’t accept people for who they are.  There’s actually a short story that somewhat mentions this and it’s sad that it still goes on but it does. I recommend this for someone who is trying to get our of reading slump.  The stories are really short, well written, and imaginative.  I don’t recommend this book for children or people who don’t like homosexuality. 5/5

I received this copy from NetGalley for review.


Consumption Review

I had no idea what to expect from this book.  I read the synopsis thinking that this would be a great book or a sucky book with no in between.  What I got was actually a pretty good book with only one major flaw which didn’t really end up being a flaw.

This book is about this town that has been on this land in Montana for a long time.  The land is cursed and makes people turn into something else.  This book was something close to a zombie book but the creatures aren’t the undead.

This book was pretty good.  I didn’t think I’d like it the first 100 pages or so because it followed so many different peoples story lines and none of them really seemed to connect.  There was also a lot of drama.  I know a small town usually has nothing better to do than to gossip and what not (sorry stereotyping) but there was SOOOOO much drama going on between each of the little stories and following each separate character that I thought I was going to put it down and not finish it.  Don’t do that.  This book gets more and more interesting the further it goes (and after the drama of the beginning).  Eventually I learned to love the characters and the story got pretty intense.

The only thing that I didn’t totally love was the ending.  I know it was a wrap up of an action sequence so it was slower than the rest of the book, but it just felt too slow.  I liked how it kept up with the curiosity though in a semi open ending.  The drama of all the random people was actually needed and it is explained in the book in a perfect way.  Pretty much everything was wrapped up perfectly and other than minor issues of spelling, grammar, and some wrong words I can’t wait for this book to come out.  I really hope it will be one of the books I see all over the place and people talk about it and recommend it to everyone else. This book would actually be worth the hype.

I rate this book 4/5

I received this copy from NetGalley for review.

The Figaro Murders Review

I just finished the Figaro Murders and I can’t exactly figure out how I feel about it.  Let me start out with what genre it is supposed to be.  This would qualify as a historical fiction, mystery, and fiction.  The historical fiction definitely hit it on the mark.  There is a note in the back explaining Mozart and Da Ponte and how they were real people and how they may have worked together in the past.  The mystery was interesting at first and then it sort of wasn’t mystery anymore.

I don’t know why I don’t like this book.  I thought it was weird at first that the main character, Da Ponte, was working with Mozart.  At first, I thought that the author just through that into the story to make it interesting.  So that threw me off.  But I think that it just wasn’t an overall good story.  This book follows Da Ponte as he is framed for a murder and then asked to investigate it so that he isn’t killed by the Prince.  Weird?  A bit.  Da Ponte was an obnoxious being.  He complained about almost everything and thought everyone was out to get him.  He acted more like a child than an adult and let his temper control his life.

Da Ponte is probably the reason that I could not stand this book.  I had the hardest time relating to him and even feeling bad for him when things went wrong in his life.  His “discovery” of who the murderer was wasn’t interesting and I felt like they just told me everything that went wrong at the end so that everything could tie up (kind of like an episode of House).

Another reason I did not enjoy this book was what was happening on the side that wasn’t related to the murder.  Da Ponte was asked by a friend to find his birth mom so that she could spring him from jail.  Why is everyone asking this guy to solve their mysteries?  No clue.  Maybe poets were better detectives those days?  Anyway, he keeps hitting dead ends and eventually he actually finds her.  She was right under his nose the whole time is all I am going to say about it and I found the “discovery” stupid.  There is no way that he should have been able to find her.  With the way his investigation was going to try to find the mom, it would have been a better story if he hadn’t found her at all.

This book was okay at best and bad at most.  This wasn’t something I enjoyed reading but I will say that I did finish it because I am stubborn and thought that it would end up being pretty good.  I was wrong.  2/5

I received this copy from NetGalley for review.

The Woman Who Would Become King Review

I received this copy from Blogging for Book for this review

When I first requested this book, I honestly thought this would be about Cleopatra.  Honestly, I had no idea that there were even other female rulers in Egypt and they weren’t as well known as her.  Looking back at it now after I have read this book, I can’t even say that I view Cleopatra the same way anymore and I can’t believe how dumb that assumption was.  Hatshepsut’s legacy which will probably never be complete will always be a starting point for female rule for me.

This book is about Hatshepsut, an Egyptian queen who would eventually become king of Egypt.  It starts with her fathers life and legacy and how it came to her being born and then went on from there.  This was a long book.  I think I started this about a month ago thinking it would be simple to finish.  I was wrong.  There was so much history and lineage and going back and forth in the past that it was a bit confusing and not an easy read.  However, it was one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read in my life.

Although this book may have been a challenge for me, I enjoyed it immensely.  I learned so much about Egyptian history and how women in power are perceived even when they are making the same decisions as men.  Hatshepsut was the greatest leader of her time and she isn’t known by many.  Many things about her still remain a mystery and they probably always will.  Her legacy is something that is still being pieced together, but from what is known about her at the moment, I honestly believe that she should be a model for most women leaders today.

I recommend this book to any woman who feels like they don’t have a chance to stand out in a male run society and anyone who is interested in learning about this amazing woman who became king.

The Maze Runner Review

Let me start with saying that I watched the movie before I read the book.

That being said, I thought both the movie and the book were just okay. Let me start with the movie.

I was really excited to see this movie because I saw a few trailers and I heard some pretty good reviews on this movie.  I watched it with my sister after she had watched it maybe an hour before.  It was interesting and caught my attention but for the most part I was left with a bunch of unanswered questions and feeling that the movie had so much potential but fell flat of any expectation that I had.  Then I got to read the book.

The ONLY reason I watched the movie first was because the wait list for the book at the library was ridiculously long.  I was able to get on the wait list in October and didn’t actually receive the book until February.  Yeah, that was a lot of hype and waiting for a book that I thought was just okay bordering not that great.

My issues with the book: weird slang, no character development, slow paced, not so scary bad guys, things not tying up in the end, random unneeded elements that didn’t add to the story or help develop it in any way.  Let’s start with the weird slang.  Klunk, Shank, Shuck, Shuck-face… What?  The author has probably NOT walked through a middle school, high school, or even an elementary school recently because I knew most swear words by the time I was nine or ten.  This idea that these “kids” made up their own “swear” words was ridiculous especially since they used “bro” as well.  If you’ve been to a school recently and walked around and listened to what kids say in this day and age, you know what I’m talking about.

Character development was lacking.  I felt no attraction or connection to these kids, the main character, or anyone mentioned in this book and most of that was because their characters stayed pretty one dimensional.  The characters were pretty much the same from beginning to end and that wasn’t really a good thing for me because I felt no sense of loss when a character died.  For the most part, I could barely tell most of the non essential characters apart.

This book was sllloooooooowwwwwww.  For a book that goes on and on and on for 374 pages, not much happened.  When things finally started picking up, it felt as though the author rushed through the book to finish it as quickly as possible with as much information thrown in so that it seemed like it would be worth it in the end.  It wasn’t.  Another thing that added to the slowness was the lack of any information being told to the main character.  When he got to the maze, from the beginning to almost the end, they withheld almost any and all information that could and would be useful to know.  And for what reason?  No clue.  Would it have upset him to know what was going on?  Nope.  Guess that’s why we don’t let kids run society.

The bad guys ended up not being all that scary.  Gooey blobs of weirdness and mechanics that stabbed you with needles or killed you.  Figure it would be easy to make that seem scary.  I wasn’t too frightened.  I guess my version of scary would have been something else (for the movie I think they did a great job on making the things scary because they were not what I pictured when I read the book).  Also, the creators of the maze.  They were made out to be these scary horrible people but again when they finally met, they weren’t that scary or anything.  They just came off as people.

Things not tying up at the end is as self explanatory as I can get without ruining the book for someone. (And that isn’t what I want to do because I know A LOT of people that actually enjoyed this book. These are just my opinions and they will probably be different from person to person, so please don’t take my word for it and read it for yourself and draw your own opinions about the book)

Random unneeded things that made no sense whatsoever and didn’t have anything to do with the plot or development of the plot.  There is a major spoiler which I refuse to reveal but I will say that it made no sense and that it had nothing to do with the plot and seemed like it was thrown in to just wow readers.  It wasn’t needed and if the story didn’t have it the book would have been fine without it. (It also was something that wasn’t in the movie if that helps you figure out what it is)

ANYWAY, that was a long rant about what I had issues with.  Like I said before, these are just my personal opinions.  I didn’t enjoy this book and I think the hype about it had something to do with it.  It was an okay read, but not something that I would pick up and buy.  I urge you to pick this up and read it because your opinions may be totally different from my own.  For the most part, I have only heard good things about this book and I seem to be the odd man out about my opinions, so if you haven’t read it yet go pick it up and form your own opinions.  I think that reading is one of the best things you could ever do no matter what it is you’re reading.