Interstellar Review

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for a while.  I was having issues with my computer and wasn’t really able to even log on.

A few weeks ago, I was able to see Interstellar and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  This movie is a drama about Earth losing most of its food resources and having to find a new planet to live on.  NASA enlists the help of a former pilot and a few others to search out three different worlds that have suddenly appeared from a black hole/rip in space.

I really enjoyed this movie.  I liked how everything connected in the end and how this movie, although slow, was very worth the watch.  This movie makes you think and connect ideas and although I am no scientist, I thought this movie was clever.  I didn’t like Anne Hathaway’s character but I thought that she acted it out very well.  Matthew McConaughey was alright.  He acted better than normal but I have no idea if that is much of an improvement (sorry that is my opinion).  Everyone else was just alright.

I recommend watching this movie and forming your opinions.


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