The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet Review

I received a copy of The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet by Tracy Russell from NetGalley

I don’t really know much about cookbooks.  I only know a little bit from the ones I have seen from my parents house.  They love cooking and have bought many cookbooks over the years.  From what I’ve seen, for the most part, the cookbooks have some introduction of some sort and then recipes on how to make the food.  With this cookbook, however, There are three chapters before the recipes explaining how this cookbook came to be and why to use the ingredients that they want and the purpose etc.  Not that I think that that is a bad thing, it was just something that was unexpected.

I would love to make some of these smoothies.  Coming from a family where heath is something that we focused on, this smoothie book is something that I want to try.  It has smoothies for detoxing, weight-loss, mood enhancing, etc all of which sound delicious.  If you want a vegan smoothie, I recommend this book

I received a copy from NetGalley for review


Inside the Criminal Mind Review

I don’t really know how to critique this book, but I will try my best.  This book is a non-fiction book about the criminal mind.  This book is by Stanton E Samenow who has a Ph.D. and has over 30 years of experience in the criminal background.  He studied criminals for years and I have read the updated version of his original book that he published his book in 1984.

Non-fiction is not something that i normally read.  It took me over a month to read this book, and not because it was boring or uninteresting.  This book was full of information about criminals and used many examples of what criminals really are.  He broke the idea of criminals being raised by “bad” parents (they are not) and that they are influenced by their surroundings (they are not) and that although there are many stereotypes that aren’t true about criminals.

The 330 pages of this book broke down the criminal mind and even offered an idea of how to change the thought process of the criminal to change them from the common criminal to an average person.  To truly change a person, there is apparently only one way to do that and it is to change the thought processes of a criminal.

I thought this book was great.  Although it was long and a lot of information to read through, it made a lot of sense.  I compared this book to a person that I know.  It answered a lot of questions that I originally had about this person.  I also saw the behavior and thinking patterns of someone that I hope will choose not to go down a criminal path.  This book was a difficult read for me because it had a lot of new and interesting information as well as a lot of big words that I don’t usually read.  I recommend this book for those who would find this interesting or for anyone who has a criminal involved in their lives and would like answers.

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Interstellar Review

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for a while.  I was having issues with my computer and wasn’t really able to even log on.

A few weeks ago, I was able to see Interstellar and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  This movie is a drama about Earth losing most of its food resources and having to find a new planet to live on.  NASA enlists the help of a former pilot and a few others to search out three different worlds that have suddenly appeared from a black hole/rip in space.

I really enjoyed this movie.  I liked how everything connected in the end and how this movie, although slow, was very worth the watch.  This movie makes you think and connect ideas and although I am no scientist, I thought this movie was clever.  I didn’t like Anne Hathaway’s character but I thought that she acted it out very well.  Matthew McConaughey was alright.  He acted better than normal but I have no idea if that is much of an improvement (sorry that is my opinion).  Everyone else was just alright.

I recommend watching this movie and forming your opinions.